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20115/05/2013Points Series Rd 2 Graded Scratch33.01 KBDownload1054
20113/05/2013Points Series 2011-12 Standings After Round 236.17 KBDownload997
201117/12/2011 Series Rd 2 8km Time Trial35.13 KBDownload1037
201117/12/2011Points Series 2011-12 Standings After Round 236.17 KBDownload997
201110/12/2011Pegasus Cyclist of the Year Points Table63.24 KBDownload969
201110/12/2011Ashburton to Christchurch 116km Handicap34.49 KBDownload1063
20111/12/2011Leeston 1 Dec 201140.97 KBDownload994
201126/11/2011Barry Richardson Memorial 85km Handicap35.87 KBDownload944
201126/11/2011Pegasus Cyclist of the Year 2011-201265.53 KBDownload886
201124/11/2011Leeston 24 Nov 201143.41 KBDownload886
201119/11/2011Benchmark Homes Tour Points Tables140.54 KBDownload978
201119/11/2011CFO and SWG 7th Oxford Grand Prix124.80 KBDownload1094
201117/11/2011Leeston 17 Nov 201141.48 KBDownload1060
201112/11/2011Round The Gorges 126km Handicap35.29 KBDownload1034
201110/11/2011Leeston 10 Nov 201142.08 KBDownload951
20115/11/2011Points Series 2011-12 Standings After Round 121.22 KBDownload970
20115/11/2011Points Series Round 134.98 KBDownload983
20115/11/2011Junior Points Series 2011-12 Standings After Round 18.61 KBDownload969
20113/11/2011Leeston 3 Nov 201140.76 KBDownload953
201129/10/2011Pegasus Cyclist of the Year 2011-201262.33 KBDownload966
201129/10/2011Christchurch to Hanmer Springs 140km Handicap29.86 KBDownload1079
201127/10/2011Leeston 27 Oct 201144.07 KBDownload935
201120/10/2011Leeston 20 Oct 201141.56 KBDownload905
201113/10/2011Leeston 13 Oct 201140.40 KBDownload978
20118/10/2011 Benchmark Points Table After Round 324.93 KBDownload996
20118/10/2011BMH Tour Round 3 5th Parry Field Lawyers Open80.23 KBDownload1049
20116/10/2011 Leeston 6 Oct 201142.91 KBDownload942
20111/10/2011Pegasus Cyclist of the Year 2011-2012.61.87 KBDownload931
20111/10/2011Sefton Classic38.91 KBDownload1077
20111/10/2011Sefton Classic 48km Handicap30.40 KBDownload981
201129/09/2011Leeston 29 Sep 201144.49 KBDownload1005
201124/09/2011Team Time Trials5.83 KBDownload970
201117/09/2011Cooptown Classic 89km Handicap33.36 KBDownload1338
201117/09/2011Pegasus Cyclist of the Year52.70 KBDownload992
201111/09/2011BMH Tour Rd 2 Orbea 4th Timaru 12039.66 KBDownload989
20113/09/2011Geoff Inwood Cup 71km Handicap49.75 KBDownload968
20113/09/2011Pegasus Cyclist of the Year50.36 KBDownload1012
201127/08/2011Eyreton Hall Junior Race10.83 KBDownload994
201127/08/2011Eyreton 40-52km Graded Scratch29.48 KBDownload998
201120/08/2011Pegasus Cyclist of the Year46.19 KBDownload951
201120/08/2011Al Lees Memorial Handicap40.58 KBDownload981
201113/08/2011BMH Tour Rd 1 Haven Realty Tasman Classic34.38 KBDownload1088
201113/08/2011Benchmark Homes Tour Points Tables34.98 KBDownload983
201111/06/2011$Points Series Round 434.65 KBDownload958
201111/06/2011Points Series Final Standings46.35 KBDownload1011
201111/06/2011Junior Points Series Final Standings19.76 KBDownload960
201111/06/2011Australian U19M National Road Championaships96.61 KBDownload1020
20116/06/2011Powerco Queens Birthday Tour1.86 KBDownload1058
20115/06/2011Pegasus Cyclist of the Year31.75 KBDownload992
20114/06/2011Junior Points Series Standings After Round 314.42 KBDownload1043
20114/06/2011Points Series Standings After Round 346.97 KBDownload939
20114/06/2011Points Series Round 337.52 KBDownload960
201128/05/2011Points Series Rd 2 34km Hill Climb GS34.40 KBDownload986
201128/05/2011Points Series Standings After Round 237.43 KBDownload938
201128/05/2011Junior Points Series Round 2 Hill Climb TT33.86 KBDownload935
201128/05/2011Junior Points Series Standings After Round 212.69 KBDownload932
201121/05/2011Waipara Classic 87km Handicap31.80 KBDownload997
201114/05/2011Points Series Round 1 Time Trial34.11 KBDownload904
201114/05/2011Points Standings After Round 121.99 KBDownload948
201114/05/2011Points Series Round 1 Graded Scratch37.05 KBDownload1008
201114/05/2011Junior Points Standings After Round 118.62 KBDownload940
20111/05/2011Two Day Junior Mini Tour39.55 KBDownload962
201130/04/2011Cust Graded Scratch9.39 KBDownload974
201122/04/2011Sefton Graded Scratch40.63 KBDownload903
201110/04/20112011 Canterbury RR Championships Results44.63 KBDownload951
20119/04/20112011 Canterbury TT Championships Results36.76 KBDownload0
201127/03/2011Cust 65km Graded Scratch36.49 KBDownload1029
201119/03/201140-52km Graded Scratch9.03 KBDownload1463
201113/03/2011Pegasus Club Mini Tour Stage 1 Overall43.74 KBDownload987
201113/03/2011Pegasus Club Mini Tour Stage 1 Graded43.62 KBDownload946
201113/03/2011Pegasus Club Mini Tour Grade Points24.11 KBDownload994
201113/03/2011Pegasus Club Mini Tour Stage 2 Overall48.32 KBDownload1027
20115/03/20112011 Track Nationals45.57 KBDownload997
201119/02/2011Omnium Series 412.21 KBDownload1025
201112/02/2011Leeston Classic 201135.83 KBDownload1053
20116/02/20112011Canterbury Track Championships Day 38.61 KBDownload994
20115/02/20112011Canterbury Track Championships Day 211.71 KBDownload1065
20112/02/2011Canterbury Track Championships Day 16.99 KBDownload945
201130/01/2011Al Lees Memorial Handicap31.10 KBDownload1051
201123/01/2011Omnium Series 38.60 KBDownload990
201122/01/2011Bianca Strada 66km GS29.17 KBDownload1047
201122/01/2011Cyclist of the Year Update24.33 KBDownload940
201115/01/2011Eyreton Graded Scratch7.61 KBDownload897

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